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$14.95/mth one-year subscription
$12.95/mth two-year subscription


Use this site to enter daily information that reveals which of your doshas are out of balance that day. The information is entered in quiz format that when completed provides suggestions and information on each doshic imbalance.

The information and suggestions provided can help you create better balance in your life and body on a daily basis and empower you to detect patterns of behavior to improve your doshic balance every day.

You can view reports and see your process to see which doshas are out of balance for you and access further information for addressing each imbalance.


Ayurveda is an ancient system for creating balance in your life and body. My Daily Dosha uses this ancient system to provide you with these benefits:

  • Find out which doshas are out of balance daily
  • Use easy tools to balance your doshas daily
  • Discover what your body is trying to tell you
  • Create balance and health
  • Learn how daily choices affect long term health
  • Become an expert of your body and your health
  • Find out what is happening in your body
  • Stop disease before it starts
  • Take charge of your health


My Daily Dosha provides you with the tools to help you balance your doshas on a daily basis with:

  • Daily Doshic Assessments
  • Suggestions for balancing your doshas
  • Reports to show your doshic imbalances


$14.95/mth for one year
$12.95/mth for two years


“Having come from a background of constant disease from a very young age I always sought health care that would work in my life. I started with conventional western medicine and was advised to use prescription drugs and surgeries. I tried prescription drugs with no relief and luckily refused any surgeries. From there I went on to discover ‘natural medicine’, studying herbs and many other forms of alternative health including Acupuncture, Naturopathic medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki and Hypnosis. Nothing seemed to do the job of healing completely although I did receive benefits from Hypnosis for a period of time. I decided to study Hypnosis and became a Hypnotherapist which gave me a lot of insight into the connection between emotions and our health. I was able to help people reduce stress in their lives and diminish health issues, but again I found it wasn’t a complete system and I still suffered from multiple chronic conditions.

During my Yoga studies I went to India and began treatments with an Ayurvedic Doctor. Even though I was in a large, polluted city I started feeling healthier. Soon I was asking as many questions as I could and began a private study course with this Doctor. I discovered the wisdom and the science of Ayurvedic Medicine. It all boiled down to a simple concept: Our body is made up of elements (Doshas) and when those elements increase or decrease imbalances occur and then lead to disease. The imbalances can occur from physical and emotional stresses that manifest in our life as early as in our mother’s womb. In an ‘out of balance state’ we tend to choose the things that create more imbalances. The purpose of everything in Ayurveda is to bring the elements/Doshas back into balance.

As I learned more I found I could help my clients bring that balance back into their lives, empowering them to understand their body, bringing health back into their lives and maintaining that health. My Daily Dosha is designed to help people empower themselves, develop healthy habits in their lives and use a simple and practical plan to learn and practice the wisdom of this ancient medical system - Ayurveda.”


I found Ayurveda and decided I had nothing to lose and must admit to being skeptical in the beginning being a firm believer in modern medicine. Within a very short period of time I noticed a huge improvement in my general health and the energy I had previously began to return. I have to say that I would consider myself a firm believer in Ayurveda. I would highly recommend anyone who desires a healthier and more balanced life to use this site.

- Craig Parks, Lahaina, Hawaii

Using this interactive site has helped me learn so much about my body and what it is doing daily – I also am learning what I can do to balance my body myself without waiting until the imbalances are so high that I start getting sick. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my life from My Daily Dosha.

- Carol Fraser, Los Angeles, California

I’ve always been curious about Ayurveda, but found the books I read didn’t make much sense. This site has provided me information that makes it simple and easy to incorporate Ayurveda into my daily life. The benefits of staying in balance are wonderful and I know that this will help keep me healthy into the future.

- Jaime Knox, Seattle, Washington