Gently Cleansing and Nourishing Breakfast

Ayurveda breakfast pic

My clients' often ask me what I eat and I hesitate to answer because as we know with Ayurveda different foods are good for different people at different times of life, day and season. But after over 6 weeks of travel I decided I needed a gently cleansing and nourishing breakfast and since this could be used by most people I will share :) Simple to make and there are no measurements since it's up to you to decide what you need more of or less of..

Start with Ghee in a pan on medium heat
Add small pieces of fresh ginger
(more if your hands and feet are cold less if you are feeling hot)
Slice an apple into pan (small pieces)
Add the rest of the ingredients in photo.

I've also added peaches and cashews sometimes. Best to use the fruit that is ripe and ready to eat where you are living.

Stir the mixture until the apples soften - it's up to you if you prefer well cooked or not (note: if your digestion is weak cook the apples more until very soft)

Pour into a bowl and eat as is - you should need no sweetener since the ingredients are already sweet.

Ayurveda texts say fruit is like "gold' if eaten for breakfast. Try this breakfast for at least a week and you'll notice your digestive and elimination system coming back into balance. Any questions feel free to contact me for an in person or online consultation.  Happy gentle cleansing! <3