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Virus Prevention and Ayurveda

What can you do to boost your immune system using Ayurvedic medicine

Ayurveda and the Seasons

How to balance your doshas during the changing seasons.

Kick Off this New Year with 5 Healthy New Habits

Using Ayurvedic Medicine to detox from the holidays and start the New Year with healthy new habits

Introducing: My Daily Dosha

How MyDailyDosha can become your partner in life

Is your Healthy Diet Making you Sick?

Most of us think that eating healthy food is one of the most important ways to stay healthy. And while healthy and nutritious food is very important, there are other factors that can have a big impact on our health. So, is your healthy diet making you sick? For many of us it is!

What is Panchakarma?

Many people ask me "What is Panchakarma?"
There are many misconceptions about Panchakarma and the word tends to be overused as a catchall for any type of Ayurvedic treatment, here is a standard definition for clarification.

Benefits of Rice Water per Ayurveda

  There are some fantastic ways to use rice water for internal and external health!   For Smooth Skin Rice is rich in a complex of B vitamins called ‘inositol’ that helps in promoting the cell growth, slowing down the aging process and...

Gently Cleansing and Nourishing Breakfast

My clients' often ask me what I eat and I hesitate to answer because as we know with Ayurveda different foods are good for different people at different times of life, day and season. But after over 6 weeks of travel I decided I needed a gently...

10 Reasons to include Ghee in your diet!

  Ghee is healthy to cook with – it’s smoke point is (250 °C  482 °F), so it will not break down into unhealthy free radicals like many other oils. It’s good for your complexion as it purifies the skin and imparts a healthy glow to the...

How do I keep from getting sick?

With Ayurveda there are many ways of boosting the immune system. One way is to keep your Doshas balanced. When the Doshas are balanced the immune system is strong and it becomes difficult for any sickness or disease to take hold.

But what can you do while you are on your path to balanced Doshas?

Here are some simple ways you can fight off a cold or flu before it catches you!

Why are you Treating Your Body so Badly?

Many of us try to live healthy lives, but it's not uncommon to have bad habits that can sabotage the good habits. It's important to communicate with your body and check in to see what it's telling you, listening and then taking care of your body. In this post I describe some common bad habits and how you can check in on yourself and make more positive choices for your life with long lasting effects.