Is your Healthy Diet Making you Sick?

Most of us think that eating healthy food is one of the most important ways to stay healthy. And while healthy and nutritious food is very important, there are other factors that can have a big impact on our health.

So, is your healthy diet making you sick?

For many of us it is!

If you eat healthy food, but don't digest it properly due to poor digestive fire (Agni) or improper food combining, then you have created toxins (Ama) in your body and the food that started out healthy actually becomes a toxin in your body. This concept in Ayurveda helps to explain why people often say "but I've eaten healthy food my whole life, I don't understand why I'm sick now??!!"

Here are a couple of examples of foods commonly considered to be "healthy":

"Salad is Healthy, of Course!"

Not always, if you eat salad on it's own and your doshic makeup is currently Vata excessive, the salad becomes a toxin for your body rather than a health food.

"Fruit and Yogurt is Super Good for You!"

This time definitely not healthy, yogurt and fruit do not combine well in the digestive system for anyone, so when eaten together the post-digestive effect will create Ama (toxins) in your body.

There are many more examples of foods that we consider to be "health foods", whose post- digestive effect can be toxic for many of us, if not all of us.

So, how do you know if you are creating Ama with the foods you eat?

  1. Do you experience bloating or gas after eating?
  2. Is your elimination too frequent or are you often constipated?
  3. Do you have a coating of mucus on your tongue in the morning?
  4. Does your stomach feel cold after eating or too hot?
  5. Do you have heartburn or acid reflux?
  6. Are you often cold?
  7. Are you overweight?
  8. Do people often comment that you are too skinny?
  9. Do you have low energy or feel tired after eating?

All these are indicators, even if you are eating healthy food, that either the temperature of the food, poor food combining or simply insufficient digestive fire is affecting your ability to digest properly and create healthy tissue (dhatu) in the body.

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